Surgery and Adoption faq

We want kittens to get ready for adoption as soon as possible. This is because most adopters want them when they are cute, young, and small.


How do I know my kitten is ready for surgery?

In order to get surgery, the kitten needs to be:

  1. Fully weaned and eating wet food twice a day

    • At the shelter they will be fed Science Diet or another wet food only twice a day. If the kitten is still eating gruel or is being fed more than 3 times a day, then they are not ready for surgery.

    • Kittens still nursing on mom are not ready for surgery

  2. Weigh 1.3 lbs (590 grams) or more

  3. Healthy with no illness such as diarrhea or URI


If a kitten is not ready for surgery then they can spend more time in foster until they are big or healthy enough to be put on the adoption floor.

When are surgery appointments?

Appointments are usually Tuesday-Thursday and surgery will happen the next day.

Do I pick up after surgery?

No, kittens will go straight from surgery to the adoption floor. The only time someone would pick up a kitten is if they are being adopted immediately after surgery. See below on information about adoption holds.

Do I need to fast my kittens before surgery?

Nope. Kittens do not need to be fasted. We will feed them the night of drop off and make sure that they don't get food right before surgery.

What if some of the kittens are ready for surgery and some aren't?

If one kitten is not ready for surgery but the other kittens in the litter are healthy, then we have a few options.

If there are only 1-2 kittens in the litter, then we'll keep all kittens in foster until they are all ready for surgery

If there are 3 or more kittens in the litter, then we'll recommend splitting up the litter. We will pair the kittens not ready for surgery and at least one other kitten to stay in foster. Usually the smallest litter mates. This way the smaller kittens can have more time to grow and still be together.

Can I give my kittens a special blanket or toy to go with them to the new adopter?

Unfortunately, at this time we do have a way to make sure that blankets or toys move with kittens through the shelter. As items become soiled they are put into the general wash. If you'd like to bring your kitten with a towel that smells like home, that'd fine, but we cannot return that towel to you or guarantee that the towel will stay with the kitten. We'd love to do this in the future, so stay tuned!

I have an adopter​ for my kitten / I want to adopt my kitten!

Have the full name of the adopter, their phone number, address, and the ID number of the kitten ready. Give this information at the time of surgery drop off or email ahead of time to The day of surgery you can pick up your kitten after 4 PM. Go to the front desk and let them know that you are there to adopt a kitten and show them the ID number. You must be over 18 and have a government issued ID in order to adopt from the shelter.

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