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Our Story

Founded in 2019 by a group of passionate kitten advocates, Kittens First for the San Jose Animal Care Center is an educational nonprofit partnered with the San Jose Animal Care Center. We believe that all kittens deserve a chance to live, and that is why we’re putting Kittens First. 


Every year, the San Jose Animal Care Center receives over 5,000 kittens that are born in our community. Often, these newborn kittens are sick, injured, or orphaned and need 24/7 care in order to survive. Thankfully, the shelter has a kitten nursery and a foster program to save these vulnerable felines. 


Kittens First for the San Jose Animal Care Center provides online training and resources for the shelter’s kitten volunteers. By empowering through education, we strive to strengthen and grow our kitten-loving community. 


Rescue organizations, the shelter, and Kittens First all work to save as many kittens as possible―accomplishing more together than we ever could do alone. Together, and with your help, we can provide a social safety net for kittens. 

Image by Sam Paeez

To help support the San Jose Animal Care Center and their kitten programs

Feeding Newborn Kitten

To prevent the euthanasia of homeless kittens through education

Image by Sindy Strife

To make Santa Clara County the safest place in the world for homeless kittens


We believe all kittens deserve to live, and that's why we're putting Kittens First.

Our Values



As we work alongside committed volunteers, shelter staff, and rescues, our team serves both the kittens and the community by acting with integrity and honesty. We strive to constantly improve in all aspects of our work.


We communicate openly and fairly with our community and ourselves. With understanding and education, we expand our reach and our capabilities.


Through acts of kindness we care for kittens, ourselves, and for each other. Our caring and patient team members all support each other, even when times get tough. 


We eliminate discrimination and are committed to the equal treatment of all people. Our work environment is safe, respectful, and inclusive for everyone. 


We are trailblazers that seek the best for kittens and our community. Rapidly adapting to any situation, we are not afraid of failure.


We act in the best interests of our local and global community by cherishing our resources.  


Kittens are what we save and fun is had along the way. We combat stress and burn out by providing a light-hearted, low-stress environment that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

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