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Level up your foster game

Kittens First for the San Jose Animal Care Center is an educational nonprofit with the goal of empowering our community of kitten lovers. Listed below are opportunities available for volunteers with the SJACC Kitten Program. You can view the full descriptions and class schedule in your Volunteer Portal

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  • Weaned Kitten Care

    In this training, we'll spend the first 30 minutes going over the shelter's kitten programs and various volunteer opportunities for both the shelter and Kittens First.

    The last hour of the training covers Weaned Kitten Care for Fosters. These kittens are mini-panthers and often just need to gain weight before they find their forever homes.

    LEVEL 1

  • Bottle Baby Kitten Care

    Bottle babies are 0-4 weeks old and require meals every 2-4 hours (yes, at night too). In this class, you'll learn how to be a surrogate mama to our tiniest age group of kittens.
    Prerequisites: Level 1 Certification

    LEVEL 2

  • Transitional Kitten Care

    Transitional kittens are the most common age group that comes into the shelter. This class focuses on the 4-6 week olds that come in fresh off the street. You'll learn how to troubleshoot feeding and recognize signs of pain. We HIGHLY recommend anybody involved in the Overnight Program to take this class.
    Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2 Certifications

    LEVEL 3

  • URI Care

    Coming soon!


  • Ringworm Care

    Coming soon!


  • Diarrhea Care

    Coming soon!


  • Critical Care

    Coming soon!


  • Socialization Skills

    Coming soon!


  • Nursery Caregiver

    Help support shelter staff by feeding kittens, setting up kennels, and monitoring kittens for medical issues! The nursery is a great environment to learn about proper cleaning and sanitization protocols. Plus, you'll get an inside look into how the shelter operates during kitten season.
    Prerequisites: Level 1 Certification


  • Foster Support Group

    For humans only



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