Housing for Weaned Kittens

Setting up a safe, appropriate area is the first thing you should do before picking up your new kitten. Just like babies, your fosters will get into trouble the second you take your eyes off them! Keeping kittens safe is your number one job and can be accomplished in a few easy steps!


  • Use a playpen, rabbit cage, or other small, enclosed space

  • Make sure that all kittens have all the essentials in their space:

    • Heat

    • Food and water

    • Blankets or towels 

    • Litter box

    • Toys

  • Keep your kittens separate from your pets


Check out this great video from Kitten Lady about how to set up for kittens of all ages.

Picking a play pen

We recommend purchasing a soft sided play pen or rabbit cage to keep your kittens safe. We do not recommend using dog crates since kittens heads or legs can get stuck in the wide bars. Make sure the wire size of the cage is small enough that kittens can't escape or get injured.

Your play pen or cage must be easily cleaned and able to withstand bleach or other chemicals. Kittens will also tear at soft play pens, so expect some amount of wear and tear with use. You may need to throw away your cage if it cannot be cleaned or becomes damaged.

setting up a play pen

  1. Set up the cage or play pen according to instructions

  2. Place a heating pad in one part of the cage, about 25% of the cage should be heated

  3. You can use a heating pad on low or a heating disk to give your kittens heat support

  • Hot kittens will avoid the heat source, stretch their legs out , breathe fast, or even pant​

  • Cold kittens will snuggle together, curl up in a ball, and become less active

  • Change the heat settings on your pad to keep your kittens comfortable

  • Add a shallow​ litter box with a non-clumping litter.

  • We also will put out water and food dishes. Leave kibble out for your kitten at all times.

  • Add kittens!

quarantine kittens

We recommend that you always keep your kittens separate from your own pets. This is because kittens can have contagious diseases and because bigger pets can accidentally hurt tiny kittens. Your hands, clothes, litter boxes, brushes, toys, and carpet can all carry and spread disease. Follow these precautions after bringing a new kitten home to keep everyone safe!

  • Always wash your hands after touching kittens or wear gloves

  • If you have been holding kittens, change your clothes before touching your pets

  • Keep your kittens in a separate room from your pets

  • Keep all kitten supplies in your kitten room and do not share supplies, such as bowls or brushes, with your pets

After a two week quarantine then most likely your kittens are not contagious. However, this is not a guarantee. We still recommend that you keep your kittens separate, wash your hands, and clothes. If you'd like to introduce your animals to your kittens, then you must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Keep kittens quarantined for at least 2-3 weeks. Ask at your next health check if your kittens are safe to introduce to your pets. The veterinarian or technician will let you know if this is a good idea or not.

  • Always supervise your pets when they are out with kitten and never leave them unattended


We cannot be responsible or liable for any illnesses or injuries that your pets get from meeting kittens.​ Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for your own pet's vet bills if you choose to have your kittens and pets meet.


  • A bathroom or room without carpet or furniture is a good choice for bigger kittens or moms and litters. However, they can be drafty and cold. Kittens can drown in toilets, so be sure to keep the lid down

  • Put away any electrical cords, loose strings, or any other objects that they could possibly eat. If towels or toys have thread sticking out, cut off the threads or throw the item away. String is extremely dangerous for kittens if they eat it.

  • Make sure there are no high spots where kittens can jump off from and to block off areas where they can squeeze themselves into. It helps if you lay down on your stomach to see all the spots they’ll find and try to explore-- meowza!

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