The Basics

The Basics will cover all you need to know about taking care of weaned kittens. This is particularly useful for new fosters or those wanting a refresher. Once you've watched and read all the online information you can attend a hands-on learning lab at the shelter which tests your knowledge. Once you pass the online quiz then you will be certified to take care of healthy, weaned kittens.


  1. Kitten development

  2. Housing

  3. Litter box

  4. Bathing and kitten hygiene

  5. Feeding

  6. Behavior and socialization

  7. Cleaning and disinfection

  8. Basic monitoring

  9. Signs of illness

learning lab

We offer classes monthly where you can practice applying what you learned in this level on real kittens. This is a great way to review the information in a different way and is also a good opportunity to ask questions. Attendance to a learning lab is not required, but is strongly encouraged.


Once you have completed reading the online sections, have attended an in-person class, and feel ready to test your knowledge, take the quiz for this level. You may take the quiz as many times as you would like until you get a perfect score. After you pass the quiz then you'll be certified.

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