Foster Roster

We match foster homes and kittens based on the kitten's age, health, and feeding requirements, and litter size. 



We keep a rolling list of everyone who is ready to take on more kittens. we will do our best to match you with kittens based on your skill level, comfort, and preference. When you request to be added to the Foster Roster your spot in line is saved and we will contact you when you've been matched with kittens. 

How does it work?

If you are an active foster you simply request kittens and we'll add you to the list. Your spot in line is saved and when your turn comes we will match you with kittens. It's that easy!

If you are going away on vacation or need a break from kittens, email us at to let us know when you are out of town

I'm ready for kittens!

Ready for more kittens? If you are a current foster, you can request another batch of kittens by emailing us at and letting us know that you are ready. We will add you to the 

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