Normally, a mother cat will lick and clean her babies throughout the day, since kittens are not able to groom themselves. As a kitten caregiver, you'll have to be like momma cat and keep your kittens tidy! Remember: a clean kitten is a happy kitten!


  • Clean their faces after each meal

  • Clean their bums if they get poop or pee stuck

  • If needed, give kittens partial sponge baths using baby wipes or a warm cloth

  • Use pet shampoo, Dawn dish soap, or hypoallergenic baby shampoo

  • Completely dry kittens with towels and put them in a warm place afterwards

  • Never completely dunk a kitten into water


Check out this great video from Kitten Lady about how to bathe kittens!


  • They may start out as a mess, but if you tidy them a bit each day, eventually they'll be squeaky clean!

  • Blow dryers can burn kittens and should not be used

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